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Everything you need to know about Digital Denim.

How to send a Heavy file?

In order to best process your High Definition file, please send your High Definition file to our mail server.
So you can use this site
in the Destination section, please indicate the following email:

What is your return policy ?

  • We have different rules for canceling and returning your purchase depending on the nature of the product (personalized or non-personalized product). See below.

    • You have the right to cancel your contract for the purchase of a non-personalised product, if you inform us of the cancellation no later than 14 days after the day after the day of delivery of the product. You must return the unpersonalized, unused Product to us within 14 days of notification of cancellation, and you must pay for the return of the unpersonalized, unused Product to the designated address.

    • You do not have the right to cancel personalized products as these products were made to your specific requirements. However, for personalized products ordered on our site, we allow a 30-minute period during which you can either modify or cancel your order.

    • These 30 minutes begin when you receive your confirmation email or when you see the order summary “Thank you, your order is confirmed” on your screen. After this time, your order will enter our production system and can no longer be modified.

    • In accordance with French law, goods cannot be returned because they have been manufactured according to your instructions or have been personalized by you.

    • In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

    • Manufacturing defects cover scratches on the product, seam problems and hemming. We, the manufacturer, will decide what falls under manufacturing defects.

    • All orders placed through wholesale accounts are considered business-to-business contracts and are not covered by consumer protection law, as these wholesale accounts are considered businesses. Companies cannot expect legal recourse for normal wear and tear, abuse, or accidental damage, or if they decide they no longer want the item.

    • We may, at our discretion, seek other solutions.

    • Requests or complaints must be reported to us within fourteen days of receipt of the goods, or in the event of non-delivery, within a reasonable time after the expected arrival of the goods.

What is Digital Denim© Fabric?

Most Denim fabrics are woven from a mixture of blue and white yarns; it is these yarns that give jeans their distinctive look. “Digital Denim©” is a term attributed specifically to a denim fabric treated for digital printing made from 100% natural cotton woven with white threads. This Digital Denim© that we offer, differs from the usual Denim fabrics because it is possible to leave it white, to dye it, or to personalize it with the pattern you want!

What techniques do you use to print?

The printing is done digitally directly on the fabric with ecological GOTS© Bio inks, and have been recognized for their performance in terms of their resistance.

How is colorimetry processed?

The colorimetry due to the textile support is not treated in PANTONE Coated or uncoated. It is preferable to work your visuals in CMYK Iso Coated V2 300% in .psd, .pdf file with a resolution adapted to your format. closer to your desires. Colorimetric nuances are therefore to be considered.
It is advisable and preferable to work with visuals in the colors provided. Solid colors do not exploit the full potential of the added value of the product, which is to offer manufacturers the possibility of producing multi-colour printed denim.

Can my order be sent to international ?

Yes, an increase will be considered depending on the country, the means of transport and the weight.

what can your canvas be used for?

The fabric can be used in various fields such as:
The decoration

What maintenance and what washing behavior?

It is recommended to wash the fabric at 30°C

Iron at low temperature.

Tumble dryer Allowed at low temperature preferably.

Do not wring.

Should the grain direction be respected (straight grain)?

Depending on the destination of your production,

a manufacture for clothing will impose the respect of a straight grain, so that your garment has a regular fall and does not turn.

How soon can I get my fabric?

The fabric is delivered within 15 days, 3 weeks.

Made in France ?

The fabric is woven in France at one of the main French reference in the field.
The printing according to its destination is essentially carried out in our referring workshop, already collaborating with the biggest brands in the Clothing sector.


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Can we print everything and anything?

No. You can print the patterns and visuals that belong to you. We reserve the right not to print visuals that do not comply with our policy.
Note that all productions are nominative and recorded in NFT on a blockchain. All production will therefore be traced.

What is an NFT recording?

In a company, there are different ways to record a production history. In this sense we have chosen to consolidate a database on this process in order to store the patterns associated with productions that target an artistic approach.

What is an NFT valuation on a trading platform?

in the long term we wish to offer the possibility to the creators of patterns to promote their creation on platforms intended for the exchange of digital works. Too often excluded in the valorization of the finished product (clothing sector), the creators of patterns, stylists, illustrators, will be able to present their creations, on platforms dedicated to digital art, to valorize and exchange them.

What are the prerequisites for being registered as a wholesaler or reseller?

KBIS, Website, Links to Communities

What are the prerequisites to be registered as an artist or graphic designer on DIGITAL ROBRACK© and/or DIGITAL DENIM©?

Registered as a pro (Kbis or other), website, links to communities, mastery of graphic design tools, confirmed and recognized experience.

What is the best resolution for printing?

We print at 200dpi which is a good combination of quality and file size. Ideally your image should be at 100% scale. We will internally control the quality of your file in order to observe whether the operation is compliant.

Is it possible to print on my  tissue ?

Our fabric is meticulously tested to ensure optimum printing and we cannot print on fabrics other than our own.

What is tissue shrinkage?

Depending on the origin of the weaving, the quality of production of the latter, a fabric after its first wash can observe a shrinkage of more than 10%.
At Digital Denim© we guarantee shrinkage of less than 3.5%. Withdrawal guaranteed by our French weaver.

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